(Reflection) : Terrorism has no religion


I hadn’t been opening my cellular during three sessions of teaching yesterday. I just left it next to my laptop for modem. I didn’t know anything about happenings outside as I couldn’t leave school until 3.45 pm. When my classes finished at 11.15 am, I just went downstairs for doing something else, and then at 12.15 pm I had my lunch in school canteen. When I was in queue, my friend said there was bomb in Jakarta many people were shot and some died. I was shocked till I said “Are you kidding?” She replied, “Yes, I’ve just read it through group messages and online media.” I didn’t believe that as it’s been a long time since the last blast in 2009.

I just said “Mashaallah, O My God.” and when my business was over, I returned to my room and checked my cellular. All reported about Jakarta blast (errmmm..exactly Sarinah bombing), many people shared lots of photo about the event, from the victims, the bombed police station till the suspects with their weapon. One of them looked calm though seemed anxious. It occurred around 11 am in Jalan Thamrin which was busy at the time. The bomb was also exploded in Starbucks’ Sarinah. There were also many suspicious informations, from the real to hoaxes. I chose not to share anything, even about the photo. Numerous complaints about the bombing photo shares to anger expressions were fulfilling my timeline.

Some dummies blamed government about the incident. Many speculations about this..from Freeport, politics until ISIS had become the trending topics here. I didn’t know which one I must believe at the time. It happened directly after Istanbul and Paris.  Done by the brainwashed foolish or other conspiracies? Only God knows about it. Indonesians have already been accustomed to terror, either phoney to real one. Even in some ocassions, it becomes like TV show where many people watch in the dangerous situation. (ironic).

But in general, Jakarta’s situation is okay. Though many schools were dismissed earlier due to the incident. Even many food sellers came to the location for offering foods to people and polices. Our president returned from his visitation earlier for seeing the location directly. Thank you Sir. Nothing must be afraid of, as I believe government had done in maximum efforts for preventing terrorism.

Terrorism has no religion, that’s what I believe. My religion doesn’t teach about spreading terror. Only some segments who did it, and they’re not part of us. I know in some countries, Islamophobia has been increasingly intense since Paris bombing and Cologne new years’ assaults and it makes me upset as before, terrorism has no religion. It conceals beneath religion, ideology even on behalf of human rights masks for spreading trauma and frighten innocent people for their own political goals. Indonesia is potential ground for it as its strategic position and important country, that’s why many influences can be found here…from the most secular to the most radicalized. We are still silent majority, majority who are proud of humanity, tolerance and love regardless of race, group, ethnicity and religion. I know most Indonesians condemn such actions since 2002 Bali bomb. It’s rooted from disappointment and shallow intolerance attitudes as well as false understanding about religion. This is what I believe.

I am Indonesian and Muslim at the same time, and terrorism has no religion, as it can be found in every single parts of the world. What we can do is developing self-respect to others, tighten family bound from the smallest part which develop to society, as well as education of tolerance and humanity along with own religions -this is I believe, if you don’t that’s your right.

Terrorism has no religion as it is akin to virus which can be found anywhere, any countries and any segments of society (including terrorism of love). What we can do is prevention, from the family to the broad society. I believe in my own country Indonesia, whatever people say…corruptions and so on. Jakarta’s recent situation after bombing shows that we’re fine and normal. No trauma, not afraid at all and life still goes on. We don’t need to say #save blah blah blah….just say #we are not afraid, we are courageous and united. Indonesia is heterogeneous and this is why I love for being Indonesian. That’s it.

I love my united Indonesia like now…and NKRI is final. Nothing else.

You know, only in Indonesia maybe you can make fun with such situation…many people did selfie afterwards…(OMG) hahaha.

Tangerang, 15 January 2016


Bambang Priantono

Photo credit : here 

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  1. Tom says:

    Laughter is a strange reaction for a westerner, but it’s a possibility to get mentally rid of these terrifying events.

    1. Yupe…as we have already been in this situation 🙂

      1. Tom says:

        I have been at Sarina, Starbucks, Bali and all the bomb-places at Manado. I’m still hoping they won’t get me.

      2. I hope so. Just consider it as some pranks. 😀
        I forgot to visit the site, then..hehehe.

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