(Indonesian Muslim Style Timeline 2) : Hijab or Veil from 1980s-2010s

In 1980s, hijab is increasing in popularity though it wasn’t allowed to wear in public facilities as the underestimated view on the hijabers. The style at the time still slightly expose their neck, though some of them had already covered all. Burqa and Niqab were very rare. Hijab was generally still looked at down view during 1980s.

After 1990s, hijab styles changed a lot especially in the end part of 1990s. Hijab was getting more fashionable and favoured by Muslimats and some even trimmed their hijabs.

In 2000s-now, hijab has already been part of Indonesian’s fashion. Besides of covering body, it can also be fashionable, though many of them then become unruly as it still show body silhouettes and in many cases, just covering, not protecting. But at least, people should haven’t underestimated hijabistas’ existences.

Well, the timeline still continues then…


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