(Indonesian style Timeline-Part 1) : My Illustrated Women Hair Styles

I am inspired by a youtube‘s channel who broadcasted timeline fashion for 100 years and I still haven’t found Indonesian style after searching for a long time (or maybe I am not patient enough), I decided to draw the styles from 1910s to recent. But for the first is from 1910s to 1960s as far as I ever see from some photos and publications.

The first part remained popular even until 1950s among youngsters, and kebaya was also still trendy for the girls at least until 1950s.

But I think Indonesian ladies started to wear western dress in 1930s or combined the modern hairdos with kebaya and kain. But in 1960s, more westernized style developed including the minis.

*I am not fashion lover, but love to know its history* Enjoy my drawing. Hehehehee.

To be continued

* 10984229_10153440618754335_9024202124237404542_n


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  1. yogisaputro says:

    There’s no compilation for trends in Indonesia because no one has done it. This is fun and nice research. Please keep going 🙂

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