(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Memory Victory

I love visiting ancient sites, particularly during my living in Central Java which is rich of historical ruins and temples from the Hindu-Buddha era. The most passionate moment for me is when I can visit infamous temples and also becomes the earliest visitor of the newly-excavated temples. These are my photos taken 3 years ago when I was having leave vacation in Jogjakarta. I spent my three days two nights in Jogjakarta. I slept at two hostels at night and roamed around Prambanan and its surroundings on daylight. I even visited three locations in one day, stalked by a gay motor rider until I had to run away and I had to walk from one place to another place which sometimes 3 miles aways, that’s why I looked slimmer than now hahahaha..

My victory? hoho..everybody has got their own victories you see. This is my victorious memory when I visited Plaosan temple complex at 3 pm…3 years ago!

Plaosan Temple complex (Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia)

Plaosan temple complex 2012
Terribly me…but I think in another temple hahaha..
Crazy jumpy…hahahaha..
The statues…

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  1. dani says:

    menyenangkan baca cerita jalan-jalannya Mas

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