(Explore Tangerang) : The Legendary Ketchup

Another side of Tangerang Old City is its legendary traditional ketchups or soy sauce. There are still two operating ketchup factories around Old City. One in Pasar Lama and another in Pasar Anyar. One is Kecap Cap Istana (established since 1880s) and SH or Kecap Benteng (since 1920). The first one is produced sparsely and the recipe is kept secret for generations. It is only sold in Tangerang City, and some groceries in South Tangerang. While the second one is widely sold and can be found everywhere in Tangerang. In restaurants or small foodstalls in Tangerang, you will see the SH or Benteng ketchup.

I haven’t bought Istana ketchup as I still have others. While for SH, I have already bought and in chicken porridge stalls I add it for the taste. It tastes mid-sweet and savoury at the same time but not too dark like other commercially sold ketchups like Kecap Cap Bango (the darkest one as it uses black soybeans). So that’s why I combine both ketchup (SH and Cap Bango) for having tasty effect as well as dark.

Best, het is genoeg van mijn laatste artikel voor vandaag. Gelukkig Halloween dag voor jouw en goeie weekend.

Dank u wel voor mijn site bezoeken en ik wil ook de jouw gebezoeken. Voor Nederlander, Vlaamse of Surinaamse blogger, Nederlands spreken voor mij. Hehehe….Dank u wel.

The ketchup
Ketchup, sauce, taoco
The stew using those two ketchups De smoor met de twee ketchup

Tangerang, 31 October 2015

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  1. Alris says:

    Biasanya kecap spesial ini punya langganan tradisional, 🙂

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