(Explore Tangerang) : Looking For The Rare Fruits (Incidentally)

DSC09561Hi, this is still part of my Tangerang exploration!
In Pasar Lama I found many rare things, and the first thing was rare local fruits. Among oranges, mangoes, dragon fruits, grapes and many more modern or imported ones, I could find some rare fruits I used to have in my childhood…at least some of them still exist though the availabilty has already been diminished because of temporary more economical and imported fruits. I was excited when seeing those fruits, at least I recognize one of them as I could see and even ignore it in my hometown (when I was nine or ten).

The fruits were sold between IDR 15,000 – IDR 25,000 for one kilo. I used to hate them as its sourness, but when I incidentally bought it, I found one of them was sweet as srikaya. Okay, let me tell you about them, maybe grew up in your land or maybe not..but I am sure all of these are tropical fruits.



1. Gowok (Gohok, Kupa, Kaliasem)
It looks like blueberry, but larger in size. Its tastes can be sweet or sour depend on its ripeness. People say do not eat its peels, but I did it, and it’s okay. I am not poisoned at all…hahaha.


Jamblang, Juwet, Duwet, Anggur Jawa

2. Jamblang (Duwet, Juwet)
We call it anggur jawa (Javanese grapes) as it looks like grape…mmm..giant grape. It tastes so sour and sometimes we leave it ripened into fall down and rotten gradually. Sometimes it’s eaten with salt and chili. Eerrgghh, but I hate it.



3. Kecapi (wild mangosteen)
For me, it tastes like combination between srikaya and langsat. It has got many names like sentul, santol, santor etc. The funny things of this fruit is, we open it by putting the fruit between the door and slam it.

Then, I bought kecapi and gohok home. I enjoyed it, especially kecapi, as it’s sweet and fresh.. while the gohok was sweet but mostly sour. Unfortunately, the fruits are rare and only found in several marketplaces like Pasar Lama (Old Tangerang) and I am lucky enough to bring it home.

Nice to meet you again, kecapi, gohok, jamblang!

Tangerang, 30 October 2015

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8 responses to “(Explore Tangerang) : Looking For The Rare Fruits (Incidentally)

  1. In the first photo, I used that kind of plate all my life in Malaysia😀 Hahaha, I too eat gowok skin and peels. Nothing happen to me too😀

  2. Juwet itu Jamblang toh bahasa laine. Enak bener loh padahal juwet itu. Kudu nyari deh ke sana beneran emang. Makasih Mas😀

  3. Kalo juwet familiar mas, yang pertama sama ketiga malah ga pernah lihat. Apa eksis di jawa barat aja ya? hehe

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