(Explore Tangerang) : Tehyan Player

DSC09459One thing I like when visiting Pasar Lama Tangerang (Tangerang Old Market) is three old men who sit down on the pedestrian and playing music. One plays guitar, another plays kecrek and one more plays Tehyan. Tehyan is a two stringed bowed instrument or spike fiddle. It is descendant of Erhu of China which was brought by Chinese settlers hundred years ago. Tehyan has already part of traditional Betawian Gambang Kromong instrument and adapted well with local traditions, started from Tangerang, where the earliest Chinese settlers came to Java island. The songs performed are various, from traditional to modern one.


I like the instrument, though they’re already in their 60s or event 80s something, they still play by heart. It’s already rare for daily performances, I didn’t ask them why, but from what they play I can feel about passions, life struggles and expectations among the bustled street on Jalan Kisamaun, Pasar Lama…the oldest part of Tangerang and the center of Benteng Chinese community, the oldest peranakan centers in Java.

Actually, if I were in my craziest part, maybe I’d like to sing with them hahahaha..

DSC09458They look relaxed, then


Tangerang, 26 October 2015

Bambang Priantono

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  1. chandra says:

    nice pict and posting, didn’t look like indonesia 😛

  2. dani says:

    Pasar lama Tangerang ini di mana sih Mas?

    1. Ya amplop…ya di deket Stasiun Tangerang keleus

      1. dani says:

        Nah stasiun Tangerang di mana juga kagak ngartos. Hahaha.

      2. Gini deh, naik aja KRL dari Tanah Abang turun di Stasiun Duri, dan terus tunggu KRL yang menuju Stasiun Tangerang.

      3. dani says:

        Hahahaha. Okesip. Kapan-kapan dicoba. 😛

      4. Dasar..makanya jalan2 ke Tangerang, ojok mbulet ae nok Jabodebek

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