(Explore Tangerang) : Laksa Bogor vs Laksa Tangerang

Well, I think I have already been laksa freak. I ever had asam laksa in Malaysia 8 years ago, but after years I finally found laksa again, but in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bogor. As a matter of fact, I can compare between Laksa Tangerang and Laksa Bogor. Those are typical dishes from peranakan cuisine and…

(Explore Tangerang) : My Benteng Heritage Museum Visitation

This is my article about Tangerang, the city I am dwelling right now. It’s part of Banten Province, western of Jakarta. This is place where Jakarta International Airport located, so that’s why when you come to Indonesia or Jakarta, actually you land in Tangerang at first, then you can continue your way wherever you want….