(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Part of Javanese- Wayang Maker

Wayang or puppet show has already been performed even prior to Hinduism arrival to Nusantara, especially Java. Wayang itself from the word bayang or shadow as it’s only performed its shadow than the real one. Wayang has many various forms depend on region and missions. Wayang was also part of Islam mission in Java between 14-16th century and many stories have been changed since then.

2 years ago I went to Jogjakarta and visited one of cultural village there. I met a wayang maker who did his work carefully, as Wayang has got enormous details and chiseled beautifully on a tanned leather. First, the maker made its patterns depend on the characters, then after drew all the sketch on a tanned leather, he started to carve the patterned leather step by step in every details until finish, colour it and then, finish. I don’t know how long, but I loved the moment when I could see it by myself how to make wayang.

My presentation for this challenge


Wayang making


Wayang making 2



Tangerang, 24 October 2015

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4 responses to “(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Part of Javanese- Wayang Maker

  1. Ah, wayayng. That man loos like he is concentrating hard making the puppets. Looks like it has patterns on it, didn’t know that.

  2. Selalu suka sama properti yang itu…. namanya gunungan ya? Suka karena motifnya rumit dan unik :3

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