Weekly Photo Challenge : Laut dan Kucing / The Sea and The Kitty (Boundaries)


The Sea : Hi, Kitty? Where are you going?
The Kitty : I’d like to find out some fish here.
The Sea : How can you come here?
The Kitty : I just walked around for seeking my food
The Sea : But my shore is full of rubbish
The Kitty : It’s okay, I also find my food over there. Can I pass over yours?
The Sea : No, You cannot swim right?
The Kitty : I know, but I am so starving. My kittens need some fish
The Sea : Yes, but it’s not your place. The beach is our boundary
The Kitty : (thinking over)…oh, I forget! I hate water…
The Sea : Why?
The Kitty : I’ll take a bath, but by licking, not by water.
The Sea : Yeah, we have our own boundaries. I am here, you’re there.
The Kitty : I see, since my ancestors, we dislike water. Okay, sea…I’ll go somewhere else. Maybe the cottage nearby where I can get some fish from the food stall. I can only see you, but then cannot jump into you.
The Sea : All right, that’s all…see you then, and don’t forget to visiting me.

DSC04905Setiap orang punya batasannya sendiri-sendiri
Saben uwong nduwe watese dhewe-dhewe
Everyone has their own boundaries
Chacun a ses propre limites
Ĉiu havas siajn proprajn limojn
Cada uno tiene sus propios límites
Jokaisella on omat rajat
Todo pessoas tem seus próprios limites



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