(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Perubahan/Change

Long time no see you here!

After a while again I hibernated myself in my cave, here I return to the weekly photo challenge. The theme is great and what I remember first is my younger aged photo. I saved some of my old pictures in facebook and others in my computer. I didn’t know which parts of me have been changed. Physically, I am robuster than 19 years ago..terribly sure!

But many people fail to guess my real age and I don’t know why..but some physical fatigues have already happened as I have already been almost 40s but still the end of 30s. Even my own students guessed I am still 28-29 or 30s. Hahahaha..but, that’s a blessing for me. Can you see the difference between when I was 20 and 39? Hahaha…

This is for weekly photo challenge! but sorry, I just give the old photo and the new ones are from my phone.

Getting older is expected to be wiser and more knowledgeable.


Me, when I was still 20 (1996)


This photo was taken this morning at 7.30 am I am 39


Hahahaa, with my friends before open house..today. The three others are still younger than me.

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6 responses to “(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Perubahan/Change

  1. No matter what age, Nono, you look happy and full of energy. What a great interpretation of this week’s challenge. As we grow older, not only we change physically but we also learn so much more. Glad to see you are still around🙂

  2. Dih senyum menggoda gitu pas umur 20-an hehehe.

    Gak banyak berubah lo mas, selain agak berisi dikit😀

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