(Birthday Reflection) : Writing in Other Languages…Fun and Hard

11987098_10153303650814335_8081588710036028069_nI started my writing ‘career’ in 2004. Before, I couldn’t even write every single word. I just merely wrote some short poem, and it took hours for expressing it into typing or handwriting versions. It took hard efforts and times for me to create even one short paragraph as basically I was not into writing at all, and just reflected my emotions through my daydream or drawing. I began my writing stories during 2004 in multiply.com where I could find many new friends as well as knowing some famous people over there. Initially I started writing in English, but time went by, in turn I wrote solely in Bahasa Indonesia, and gradually I lost my foreign friends…just Malaysian, Singaporean, Bruneians and Indonesian online friends I had gotten so far. If I am not mistaken, I tried to write in other languages in 2005.

I ever tried to write in Portuguese in some of my posts. You know? It was so so hard! I had to look for the meaning of words in online dictionary. I translated some of my short writings into Portuguese, particularly Brazilian one. Even for creating one paragraph was so herculean mission for me. But finally I could do that and several responds from Brazilian netters were so good till motivated my to write more and more. However, the motivation was gradually diminished one year later, when I found it’s hard and I was so lazy to write..in turn I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia again.

I wrote and followed several writing or blog contests between 2008-2011. The contests were held among multipliers (Indonesian multiply users) with distinct but creative themes such as selfie for charity. I remembered the contest was held in 2008, and the rules are as the following

  1. The contestant must look for someone whose work is small scaled seller, hawker, cleaning service and so on.
  2. The contestant must interview him or her about their life, work and hope.
  3. The contestant must took picture pretending to be him or her.
  4. Then, the contestant must took his or her picture in narcistic way hahaha.
  5. The contestant must post their interview into the multiply page

The prices were great, one batik, one batik shirt, book and bunch of money which we must share with the seller or hawker. I just joined for participating, not for winning as I just thought it’s fun and great for charity. I was surprised when the committee said I won the contest. It was my first price and I shared it with the seller two days after I received the money. It was unique and little bit crazy contest I remember till now. I still follow writing contests though it was stopped between 2013-2014. I just returned to the contest just now.


Back to writing in other languages…I have talked too much.

Writing in other languages took more energy and efforts as they are not our mother tongue. I could easily write into Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese and English as they have already been part of my speech. My English, however, is sometimes ungrammatical in many sides and I consider my English writing as the plain English, as there’re no enough phrasal verbs, jargons and may be linguistically quite simple. But, I don’t care about it, as far as people can read and understand what I think, this is what we call understanding and communication. I am still learning when I write in English, and hopefully in the future I will be able to follow more international writing contests. Here I just follow photography challenge every week with different themes. Since 2012 when multiply.com had been kicked the daisy bouquette, I had lost all my postings there and when my friend offered me to back it up, I chose to reject it as there were more than 3500 postings I had already made for the last eight years. I was so lazy to restart…I was dropped and I didn’t want to write anything for a while. Maybe around one year.

I started this blog with the heartbroken mood and decided to write in -mostly-English in order to get more readers. I know it’s hard as I write in other languages. I have got many plans to change some of my useful posts into languages I know better. But, I have to manage my own time with other activities such as teaching, lesson planning, cooking and many more. I need more time to blog and write in other languages. By the way I have got my own blog written in Esperanto, but it’s still merely two or three postings. Felicxamondo is my alter blog in the same WordPress, but I have to study it well while writing it. I have plan to write in French and Portuguese in near future as I believe learning more languages can open your horizon. This blog is ‘officially’ English-based one, though occasionally I write in Bahasa Indonesia especially for competitions or something else when my mood changes. You know, right? Writing mood is much alike other moods, identical to roller coaster. Sometimes it’s on The Mount Everest, but sometimes it’s under the Mariana trench.

It’s hard , as I need to spare more spaces in my brain to divide, when I write in Bahasa, in Javanese, English and other languages. But at the same time, it’s also fun because it means I have something more than other people. I am proud to be called polyglot as I know more than two languages. But for learning one language, I also need monolinguals for developing my language skills. Hmmm….Americans? or Frenchmen? or Portuguese speakers? But…If I want to learn, never speak English to me and let me find out the meaning.

In the 39th of mine, I hope for writing more than the previous years, particularly in more languages and I’ll concentrate in French, Portuguese and Esperanto at first. Hopefully…and I believe my brain will be stronger than before though I realize that I am aging, sometimes I am forgetful and even forget where I put my keys..hahahaha. Thanks for reading my blog, because I believe there’re many silent readers who read mine and I also visit some bloggers for leaving tracks over there.

11947688_10153307224659335_1322050377929002628_nMe, in Chinese painting style (not my work okay)

Terima kasih sudah berkunjung dan membaca blog saya (Bahasa)
Thank you for visiting and reading my blog (English)
Je vous souhaite merci pour visiter et lire mon blogue (Francais)
Muito obrigado pela visita e lendo o meu blogue (Portugues)
Multaj dankon pro visiti kaj legi la mia blogon (Esperanto)
Matur nuwun sampun dumugi kaliyan maos blog kula (Basa Jawa)

11990430_10153312049239335_3362243130500896691_nI give it to you virtually, then

Tangerang, 6 September 2015

Bambang Priantono

20 Comments Add yours

  1. omnduut says:

    Selamat ulang tahun mas polygot eh mas bambaaaaang πŸ™‚ semoga makin semangat mengulik bahasa, sehat dan sukses selalu. Masa iya kita belom pernah kopdar ini, ke palembanglah kapan-kapan hehehe

    1. Boleh-boleh-boleh..asal sajennya cocok aja ya..hahahaha.

      1. omnduut says:

        Pempek di tampah. Silakan makan sampe mabok hahaha

      2. Intinya aku butuh sajen yang mantep biar bisa kesana terus hahaha.

    2. omnduut says:

      Tiket PP? sini pinjemin aku CC atau debit cardnya, aku beliin hehehehehehe

  2. Geert Smits says:

    I know how you feel. Being Dutch there are not that many readers for the things I write so I changed (mostly) to English. The disadvantage is the grammar of course. I am envious on you being able to write in so many languages. I speak reasonable German and French, but don’t even try to write in it! So English it is. Most of my followers are from the US but I have a feeling that they follow me for my photo’s, not for my writing πŸ™‚ I always read your blog with interest.

    1. Though we master English, but our native still influences our writing way. I just want to try again but not to be mixed up. I also have many Americans too yeach…same with you I just feel they merely look at my photos.
      I weet niet hoe dan..hehe.

  3. dani says:

    Superb. Warbiyasak konsistensinya Mas. Kita juga belom belom kopdaran. Hihihi

  4. lanjutkan om…:jempol:

    (maaf nitip jejak dimari: https://thetrueideasreborn.wordpress.com/) πŸ™‚

  5. Mabel Kwong says:

    Congratulations on blogging so long, Nono. And what an effort to blog in English when you didn’t know much of it at the start. Though you blog primarily in English, you still get a strong following from your fellow Indonesians. Indo pride πŸ˜€ I’m still working out on how to connect with Australians and Australian bloggers with my blog πŸ˜€

    1. In the deepest part of my heart, I wish my blog can be read and understood by others, particularly from other countries. I know most of them especially Americans still visit my blog when I share photos and like it only when I posted weekly challenge.
      I know Mabel, it’s not easy to reach that. I enjoy every parts of your blog in my deepest because you share insights about an Asian living in Australia and from yours, I learn much.
      I neither go or stay overseas, though sometimes I wish it. But I believe, from my blog, I can spread my thoughts despite of living here. Hehehehe..
      I cannot run away from my Indonesian followers, as they are my main source of my blogging power. We have our own powers Mabel, and I believe it make stronger. πŸ™‚

      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        The photo challenges are great, aren’t they. They can certainly bring visitors from all over the world to check out your blog. I read somewhere, I think on another blog, that Indonesia is one of the countries with the most bloggers in the world. No wonder you got a strong home following. Then again, each blog takes times to build up, all that effort into writing the posts and engaging with other bloggers by checking out their blogs.

        Thank you for your nice words, Nono. Keeping my blog up is harder than what so many people think, and I hope to share that experience in a couple of posts. Keep blogging my friend πŸ™‚

      2. Honestly yes, time is sometimes my enemy. I have no much time to blogwalk one by one only in a single week.
        Yes, it takes time and step by step for building it all. 10 years ago I was so impatient waiting for my blog became famous. But now, no more…I just wait and write though maybe nobody read it.
        Good luck for you too Mabel and keep blogging as well πŸ˜€

      3. Mabel Kwong says:

        I try to blogwalk every day, try to check out at least a few blogs a day…or else they pile up. Some bloggers do post on certain days and then I will make time to read their blogs then.

        Becoming famous. We all long for that, don’t we πŸ˜€ You never really know who may read your blog, discover it and share it πŸ˜€

      4. That’s true…there are many silent readers who blogwalk us and maybe inspired by ours without any words. One day, I believe there will be someone who come to me and say ‘Thanks for your inspiration’.

      5. Mabel Kwong says:

        Silent readers…I wish I could meet them and give them a hug, or shake their hand. To be honest, this whole blogging community inspires me. Thanks, Nono, for inspiring me to keep on blogging and how you engage your fellow Indo bloggers πŸ™‚

      6. You’re welcome Mabel. I also thankful for your blog as I can see myself too there. Being a good blogger is not an easy job. But just do our best, the result follows.

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