(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Get Connected…With Language

This week’s challenge for the first time confused me, as I had already given out most of the related themes in the previous challenges. So, for this challenge I give something different and in many parts not phisically connected. Language is the connecting tools for everyone. Without language, we cannot communicate our thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and through language we connect to other cultures and knowing each others.

As Esperanto, this constructed language is intended to make a bridge among world’s cultures. Its neutrality (though it’s based on Romance languages sprinkled with Germanic and Slavic lexemes) and simplicity can be recognized by anyone, and actually it can be used as an alternative connecting tools for all cultures, religions and groups without diminishing the original ones. Esperanto itself respects and encourages someone’s mother tongue as it places itself as secondary, tertiary or the other th languages. Most of Esperantists are polyglots in natural and many people who have problems in mastering English can learn Esperanto in less than 200 hours. Its vocabularies are also well-constructed and every parts of words can be combined in order to create new word and meaning.

Thanks for introduce me to this language.

Saluton kara amikojn, multaj dankon


Esperato, the connecting language


7 Comments Add yours

  1. dani says:

    Ini teh Indonesia Mas?

  2. BaRTZap says:

    tertarik banget deh belajar bahasa Esperanto.
    Jadi gimana caranya? Apa yang harus saya lakukan untuk pertamakali memulai?

    1. Kalau tinggal di Jabodetabek, bisa tuh datang ke kursus dan pertemuan bulanannya di foodcourt Plaza Semanggi. Insyaallah tgl 20 september jam 13.30 sampai 16.30 WIB.

      1. BaRTZap says:

        Wah kebetulan banget, saya di Bogor. Makasih infonya, dicatat. … hmm ada semacam sosmed atau kontak person nya gak buat grup belajar Esperanto ini?

      2. Esperanto-Jakarta Esperiga Suno. Cari saya di facebook jg dg nama akun yg sama. Contact personnya Mbak Lia yg jg ketua Esperantis sini

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