(Tuesday’s Photo) : KEMBALI / COMING BACK

When The Eid celebration was over
Everyone who return home for celebrating it has to come back
Come back to their place where they work, live and face daily problems
Far away again from the beloved ones
While bringing new things, new goods, even newcomers
Which brings urbanization
Many of them only have brave
Sometimes have very few skills
Just inspired by their neighbors’ successful looked
And city lights
However, they have to be ready for any goods and risks.
It’s the time to come back
It’s the time to back to work and school

Eid Mubarak

DSC09131Photo credit : private collection
Date   : 21 July 2015
Location : Arjosari Bus Station, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Photographer : myself

Special for celebrating my 3rd year of my blog.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. dani says:

    Kok sedih ya lihat foto ini.. Inget rumah..

  2. MENONE says:

    kota ane nich gan….heheheheh

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