Weekly Photo Challenge : My Photo Muses/ Renungan dari Foto-Fotoku

Everything in the world gives us a muse or reflection as well as wisdoms. Even the smallest and widely ignorant things can give us a muse. These are photos that muse me everytime and special for this week’s challenge.


This is the place where I should go for worshipping. The place where I try to go there every prayer callings (though mostly I just pray at home..hehehe). I do my best for praying there even though not anytime but for Friday prayer, it’s a must for Muslim males.

DSC08931Sometimes I enter other religions’ worshipping places, I just do it for strenghten my own faith as well as knowing each other. Knowing each others for me can develop tolerance and peace. Anyone seeks to be happy by different ways they consider correct and best.

DSC08959This place also amuses me everytime. When I was there, I will spend my time for thinking and let my imagination flows along with uncountable water drops. Feel the cold sensation, let the water flows sensation pass through your legs, and fantasy goes on. Lovely and refresh me by bringing muse inside my heart.

DSC08946Everything has its end. Day also…..sunset on a beach always muses me. I love to see it sets step by step till all nature are totally dark, replaced by stars and moonlight. Feel the sea wind before sunset and listen to the natural sea music from waves.

I just say, Alhamdulillah or Thanks God for all His graces, that’s why human can feel all this beautiful things….if there’s no hatred and anger….

Tangerang, 28 June 2015

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