(Goody Foody Indonesia) : Semarang Styled Lunpia & Bomb Lunpia

DSC00647Semarang-styled Lumpia

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb everyone!

Bello there!
After away for a while, let me reappear in this holy month. For Muslims, I’d like to greet you ‘Ramazan Kareem’, while for others I say ‘Have a Nice Day’. Well, I want to share about my experiences during my off-days. Sorry, It’s not offensive especially for those who’re fasting (so am I), but if you cannot handle it, please open this itchy scratchy article later after iftar, okay? Hahaha..

Well, during my off-days, I spent my days in Purwokerto, a small city in western part of Central Java province and around 433 km from Jakarta. There are many precious and delicious foods over there and friendly priced so you don’t have to grab your wallet too deep. One of the eye catching culinary stuff in Purwokerto is what we call as Lumpia Bom (Bomb Lumpia).

As we know, Lumpia or Lunpia (潤餅) has already been well-known in Indonesia since a long time ago, brought by Chinese migrants and eventually assimilated in accordance to local taste such as eliminating pork as the main filling element and develop into distinct styles. Sometimes I consider Lunpia has got many sects and cults…The most famous one is Semarang-styled lunpia, as it’s also part of cultural melting between Chinese and Javanese, started by a Chinese merchant who came into Semarang during the 19th century and sold pork (If I’m not mistaken) and he fell in love with a Javanese woman who sold bamboo shoot next to him. In short, they got married and developed a new variant of Lunpia with deleting pork and add bamboo shoot. Their descendants still continue the business by various trade marks.

Okay, after I encountered to Lumpia Bom of Purwokerto, I finally compare it with Semarang-styled one and I believe it’s another cult of Lumpia itself.

So, this is my analysis.

1. The traditional Semarang-styled Lumpia consists mainly of bamboo shoots, chicken, shrimp and eggs (I found the new variant with milkfish filling), while Lumpia Bom consists of various such as chicken, mushroom, meat, seafood, squids and many more without bamboo shoots.

2. Lumpia Bom (It doesn’t contain of bomb, then) has larger size than Semarang-styled lumpia. Maybe you can eat it till drop then. But the similarity is the filling can make you satisfied….full!

3. Semarang-styled Lumpia is eaten with sweet sauce, while Lumpia Bom is commonly eaten with hot and spicy sambal.

4. Semarang-styled Lumpia is not commonly eaten with rice, but Lumpia Bom can be eaten with rice like common food.

5. Semarang-styled Lumpia is generally sweet, while Lumpia Bom is not.


This is the kind of Lumpia Bom (Purwokerto-styled Lumpia) I ate during my vacation. You can eat it single with sambal dip, or complete like this….with rice, sambal, hot and spicy noodles, cucumbers and krupuk (crackers) as above. Lotsa carbohydrate with some vegetables, but you can skip the rice if you want to have it less calory.

I love to have this lumpia as I love Semarang-styled lumpia. As far as it’s Halal, all will be eaten by myself…but, because of age restriction diet, I have to control it all hahaha…

Thank you and have a nice fasting for all Muslims!


Bambang Priantono
24 June 2015/ 7 Ramadan 1436 H/ 7 Pasa 1948 Saka

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    So yummy. What a big portion. Rice, noodle, veggies. I think if I eat this, it can last me the whole day. Happy Ramadan, Nono.

    1. Hi Mabel! Long time no see…hehehe…indeed, I think you’ll spend lotza time to finish ’em all and..watch out of the weight afterwards hehehe.
      Thank you so much Mabel for the greetings…Bless you 🙂

      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        Yes, yes! Long time no see, Nono! I have a small stomach and I think at most I can eat half of the rice… But it does look like a very delicious this. I will stop talking about food now. Best wishes this Ramadan month 🙂

      2. Hahahaha…..go on. You can, though step by step then 😀

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