(Weekend’s Delicatessen) : Spicy Curry on Veggie Bed

If I have got much time, and mood, I’ll try to cook something. The laziest one is merely cooking instant noodles (my favourites are Indomie and Supermie, while the rest…I don’t care), but when my cooking God possesed me, I can create more difficult level of cooking. However, there’s no any oven for creating cakes. I ever made doughnuts and for me the most delicious one is potato doughnuts, as it tastes sweet and savoury at the same time and surely it’s cheaper than doughnuts made of pure wheat flour.

For this week’s delicatessen, what I remember is recreating my favourite dish…chicken curry. It’s surely high in fat and cholesterol, as it’s rich of taste and use coconut milik (but you can replace it with candle nut powder instead). For make it more healthier, I just change rice into several kinds of veggies and I call it veggie bed for reducing fat hehehe…

Here I share my silly recipe for you.



1 small red cabbage, cut into pieces
1 carrot, slice
5 long beans, slice
2 baby kailans
(all are slightly cooked, except the cabbage)

500 gr chicken (I choose skinless fillet), chunk
100 gr chunked champignon mushroom
50 gr black ear mushrooms
50 gr dried cashew nuts
2 tomatoes (sliced)
100 ml coconut milk
100 ml water

Grounded spices
4 garlics
6 onions
1 cm turmeric
1 cm ginger
Some nutmeg
3 chilies5 cayenne peppers

Ungrounded spices
5 curry leaves
3 bay leaves
2 lime leaves
1 lemongrass
1 big onion
3 tablespoon curry powder
Pepper powder
2 tablespoons of cooking oil


1. Preheat the cooking oil, after it reaches its heat, sautee the already-chopped big onion till it smells good.
2. Insert the ground spice and wait till it fragrants.
3. Put lemongrass, bay leaves, lime leaves and curry leaves into the seasonings, mix well till all wither.
4. Then, put the chicken into the mixtures, add the curry powder. Heat and stir it well until its colour change.
5. You can add water or coconut milk first, it depends on your taste.
6. While you’re stirring the curry, add sugar, salt and pepper powder. Stir and let it till boiled up.
7. Add the chopped champignon and black ear mushrooms. Oops, don’t forget the cashew nuts!. Mix again.
8. Finally before you serve it, add the chopped tomatoes for adding sour and fresh taste for your curry.9. Prepare your veggie bad as the example (or you’ve got another idea). Pour the curry on it.
10. Enjoy your spicy curry on veggie bed.

*for the chili, you can add or reduce based on your taste).

This is my amateur styled cooking and I love curry so much 🙂

DSC08834Tangerang, 31 May 2015


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