(Weekly Photo Challenge) : THE BROKEN STUPA

All will be broken in the time
If it is left untreated
Or hidden by history
Without exception
Broken and then ruined
Though some can be survived
But surely it’s not as its heyday
It’s just memorized, retold
And taken care by anyone who cares

Broken from the past

Location : Jogjakarta, Indonesia

The broken stupa, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

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  1. dani says:

    A beautiful mess. 😛

    1. Historical ones…eh, sorry WA-nya aku hapus dulu dari HP..kabotan.

      1. dani says:

        Haha. Siaap

      2. Terlalu banyak makan memori, jadi terpaksa kuhapus dulu. Nanti kalo sempat, aku install lagi. Cuma aku gak gabung dulu dengan grupnya.

  2. Where was that Mas?

  3. So sad. Things like this are generally not rebuilt. I hate to lose them.

    1. Some have, some others have been too ruined…

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