Travel Theme : Topi / Hat – Kopiah

This type of hat is common among South East Asians, particularly among Indonesians, Malaysians, Southern Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Southern Philippines. It has got many names, such as kopiah (I think it was derived from Dutch word kopje), songkok, or peci. Mostly it is worn in special events or decreasingly daily basis, not just among Muslims, but also from other religions.

It’s been a long time I haven’t worn this hat. I think for more than ten years, as I prefer wearing others and it depends on your taste.

Enjoy it

For this theme

Location : Banten Lama, 2014


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4 responses to “Travel Theme : Topi / Hat – Kopiah

  1. Yes, this hat is worn by many Malays in Malaysia. Many wear it to Friday prayers in the afternoon. It looks very simplistic and suits any colour shirt that you wear.

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