Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : SIGN/PENANDA

It’s been a while I haven’t followed Cee’s challenges. I missed a lot as there are many followers and posted very numerous useful articles till I lost hers. Well, let me try to follow her challenge again.

These are sign photos for this challenge.


Beware of the old branches

I found this in Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Park). It’s one of the oldest botanical park in Indonesia and located in Bogor downtown, West Java (60 km south of Jakarta). There’re many old trees that the management has to stick these signs to warn every visitors. Several months ago, some people died because of old trees fell down when they’re in gathering and had fun. So that’s why the warnings have already been put on every parts of the park. So, beware!.

Location : Bogor, West Java, Indonesia


Bi-script signs

It is also common sights in some cities, and represents cultural identity. It was taken in Cirebon, West Java during my returning home journey last year. Some parts, particularly main streets have got two writing system : Roman script and Carakan (Javanese) akshar or script. It’s also part of beauty sights in the city. Not just in Cirebon, but also in many other cities.

Location : Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia

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10 responses to “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : SIGN/PENANDA

  1. di bogor juga ada jalan tentara pelajar..tp gak ada tulisan hanacaraka nya

  2. Wonderful signs for this week’s challenge. Thanks ever so much for playing. 🙂

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