(Monday Reflection) : Having a big feet is not so easy

Do you have big feet?
What is your size?
Is that easy to find the proper shoes or slippers in the nearby shops?

In the past, when you ask it here, people will look at you strangely, especially if you have uncommon size. It is about my personal experience when looking for shoes for my long and wide feet (just 11). Just 11? In my own family, I am the largest, but in all big family I am the second, as one of my cousins’ feet size is 14!
Most Indonesians (also Eastern part of Asia) have average feet sizes. While most of shoe stores here sell all but average shoes. It ranges (for adults) at most size 10. In Indonesia, you won’t find any shoes sized 11-12-10-9 and so on. You’ll just find 36, 37, 38 to 43. Indonesia follows continental European standard for feet size. When you say 11, it means 44. That’s my size.

When I was teenager, I could change my shoes twice a year, as my feet grew up along with my body. It’s hard to find any big sized shoes and when my growth stopped, I reached 44 or 11 as the maximum size. I still feel uneasy to find the correct shops, as when I ask about 11, the shopkeeper will say the same thing….Nothing! As there are very rare people whose feet are same or even bigger than mine. Sometimes, I feel blue or even red as it’s the frustrating moment for just having a pair of shoes.

This is the following dialogue between me (M) and the shopkeeper (TS)

M    : “Do you have 44 size?”
TS    : “Sorry, we don’t have the size.”
M    : “What’s the biggest size?”
TS    : “The biggest one is 43.”
M    : (grumbled)

The next situation is as below.

M    : “I like this style, can you show me?”
TS    : “Yes Sir, wait for a moment please.”
TS    : “Here it is Sir.”
M    : “Wow, this is what I wish. Mmm…do you have 44?”
TS    : “No, Sir.”
M    : (broken)

Several months ago..

M    : “Can I see your collection?”
TS    : (the keeper went inside and showed the shop’s collection)
M    : “How much is it?”
TS    : “IDR XXXX””
M    : (That’s great and the price is reasonable).
M    : “By the way, do you have 44?”
TS    : “No.”
M    : (fell down)

Sometimes I have to do special order in a shoemaker, however, the shoes age is short the longest one is merely six months and I have to buy again. My walking way is like ironing and I cannot change it easily, till my mom said I have to buy an iron shoe as my way of walking. The plus sized feet is still uncommon, but the number of persons whose feet like me or more have already increased. It is caused of diet and hormonal aspects (maybe hormones in fasty junky foods have contributions in it) that make Indonesian youngsters are taller and bigger than the oldies (I am also part of the youngsters, but 1990s, then). It’s the time to provide more larger sized shoes than before.

The large feet persons have already been common, especially among the later generations (though it also depends on the family gene and diet). There are many chances particularly for more shoemakers to create more fashionable big feet shoes without importing. Sometimes I find the suitable shoes, but I dislike the style. I like the style, but not the size, then I like both of them, but I hate the price. Hehehehe..

Maybe mine is not as big as others, but that’s the problem.

Just my silly thought, then

Tangerang, 27 April 2015

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