(Saturday Reflection) : 11 Years in Blogging

11 years?
What the hell is that? It’s almost already been 11 years my co-existence in virtual world! I started blogging in a local forum in 2004, and at the time, writing in a longer sentence was so hard for me. I had to think what should I say, as it’s different to speaking directly. From the idol forum, I started to blog and the first posting (in a closed multiply.com) was only a short poem. Very short, just four lines and that’s my first (and unfortunately I didn’t have the backup as the domain has already ceased to be exist). But then, from the domain, I knew more and more people who still keep in contact even though multiply has gone.

Since then, I tried to write more. Initially just short poem, longer one, and my daily lives as well as some photos which were taken from various sites. Yeach, still amateur and till now I am still as I never think about being pro one. Let me be like this (except one day God decides different). Finally I found my passion in writing, talking about language, history and culture become parts of my life. I tried to find the sources from many parts and surely should be credible. Even I love to share my journeys to various historical sites around my place. During I live in Semarang, Central Java, If I’m not mistaken, I’d already visited half of temples in and around Central Java and Jogjakarta. I did it alone, even sometimes without guide and just brought a partial information from internet. These were fun and adorable moments when I had to argue with motor driver as he cheated me about the ride fare, or I had to walk far to reach the temple and no any foodstalls. Even I met an oldย  motor rider who offered me a ride but his manners really made me angry.

There have been so long. During blogging, I also found many dramas among the bloggers and even I was almost trapped in the drama. Replies on someone’s posting have many effects, even the unexpected ones. You can be deleted, hated or even intimidated, bullied and more. So that’s why be careful with your posting or status in social media. It can be your tiger which is ready to eat you.

During the multiply time, I also attend various meet ups with my virtual friends. There were various characters I met and it could make me more developed. Many informations or even opportunities they offered, even incidentally. Sometimes I attended the meet up in Jakarta, Malang, Semarang, Solo, and Jogjakarta. Even from the friendship through blogging, I could fly and celebrate Idhul Fitri in Malaysia with my dear Malaysian families who consider me as part of theirs. I met many good people in blogging, but also fake ones who disappointed me much, who could trick with his or her stories, impressed us and then took benefit from you. But the most important thing in blogging is knowledge, friendship, acknowledgement and love.

Knowledge means your knowledge will raise up when you share to the others. Knowledge won’t be lost when you give and share it, unlike money. My knowledge about my passion is increasing after blogging, surely by blogwalking to the others and comments or discuss (occasionally debating).
Friendship means you will find many friends, colleagues which bring you to your success if you have the right one. You can get new knowledge from them and also wisdom from your friendship.
Acknowledgement : when your posting is appreciated and your existence is also recognized, it’s the best achievement and it can motivate you to be more productive. At least you write, post and share…though nobody reads it. But just trust if there are more silent readers than you think.
Love : there are many definitions. The most numerous I think is, many bloggers found their spouses through blogging or other social media.

One more thing, many people use their blogs for earning some money. Either through CEO, or by opening online shops. It’s all okay as far as you do it fairly, no cheating.
I am not professional blogger. I am just merely an extraordinary one…I just have no much time for blogging. Different to what I used to when I was still in multiply. This blog needs extra time as I dedicate myself writing in English. I realize that it’s not easy, even for getting one like in the beginning. In this blog, most of my postings are related to photography. There are many great photos shared everyday and I just share what I have. It’s not good photos, even maybe people think myself as merely amateur. Everybody can be a good photographer, but the blurred ones can tell even more than what you can say. From blogging, I can participate in many events such as competitions, challenges and more which make me motivated to do beyond I do.

Blog is your personal diary, it can be also your virtual store and many people also publish book based on their own blogs! Many examples and I needn’t to tell more about that. However, it needs time to be well-known and recognized by people. Choose to be a healthy blogger- I mean, positive one as you can inspire and spread love to anyone. This is your wonderful treasures in the future.

Just take care for your blog and at least post something regularly. Everyone will decide which one they wish to read, so that take easy when nobody visits you. Be positive because they wanna be your secret admirers…LOL.

This is my reflection in the 11th years of my blogging history.

Bambang Priantono

21 Comments Add yours

  1. kusnanto says:

    wow 11 year blogging? It’s amazing.

    1. Ah, just 11 years…many more are much earlier. But I am still thankful, I am survived.

      1. kusnanto says:

        But 11 years is much-much experience….yes and concrat’s bro !

      2. Thank you. But my achievements are unlike others. I just do what I can do, the others also do that..
        Some are lucky enough to be famous and become celebblog..I prefer to be the ordinary one.

      3. kusnanto says:

        U welcome. , I see…ow so low profile.
        Yes that’s right, afew succes in blogging, oke I think it’s great of you , Mr.

      4. Thanks…I am unlike Enda Nasution or Anazkia, or others as they have their own ways for sharing what they have and inspire others. I think, I don’t inspire enough and I am not inspirator then.

      5. kusnanto says:

        But 11 years is much-much experience….yes and concrat’s bro ! !!

  2. pike says:

    Congratulations!!! Marvelous!

  3. 11 years? Wowwww. Been so long Mas.

  4. nowathome says:

    Amazing! Well done!

  5. yuvitapohan says:

    Selamat 11 tahun mas, sudah teenager nih blognya. Selamat Dan lanjutgan! Blogging is sharing, sharing is caring ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Iya, apapun hasilnya ya..ngeblog tetap ngeblog.

  6. maamej says:

    Congratulations, what a milestone, 11 years, and thanks for your encouragement to us all & great message about blogging.

    1. Thank you. I’m just an ordinary one…but I hope my encouragement will work for you all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep blogging and be happy by doing it.

  7. ichasyahfa says:

    Wow, 11 years of blogging. Congrats, Mas. Your blog is beautiful, full of wonderful photographs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. This blog is relatively new, 3 years. Actually I had written thousands postings in Multiply, sadly, it all disappeared now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Thank you so much

      1. ichasyahfa says:

        Thousands posts disappeared, kebayang nyeseknya hihi. Smg konsisten di blog yg baru, 3 years and counting!

      2. Sangat nyesek…tapi gak papa. Yang penting move on

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