(Saturday Night Photography Reflection) : Bunga Teratai/ Lotus

I tried to take lotus photos when I was in Bogor Park (Kebun Raya Bogor) last week. I thought the lotuses were quite great to be my object with Bogor Palace as the background. That’s for this week’s experiment. Have a nice weekend! Great padma…teratai…lotus

(Saturday Reflection) : 11 Years in Blogging

11 years? What the hell is that? It’s almost already been 11 years my co-existence in virtual world! I started blogging in a local forum in 2004, and at the time, writing in a longer sentence was so hard for me. I had to think what should I say, as it’s different to speaking directly….

(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Motion/ Gerak

Motion is gerakan in Bahasa Indonesia Hentak gerak serentak/ Motion at the same time Seirama/ One rythm Bersama/ together Hampir tak bercela / Almost flawless Karena akan selalu ada perbedaan/ As there will always be differences Keragaman/ diversity Dalam satu gerak / In one motion Inilah seharusnya kehidupan/ That’s live we should be in Seperti…