Travel Theme : Centre/ Tengah

Centre is a beginning of many things
Headquarters, shopping centre, convention centre and many more.
For this theme, I share the centre picture when I walked in an ornamented ceramic floor in Puncak. What did I think about? Elsa! When she ran away from Arendelle and she sang ‘Let It Go’ prior she built an icy palace. It inspired me to do the same thing.


I wish I could do that hehehehe..

DSC07742Let it gooo..
Let it gooo…
Livre estou
Livre estou…

At least the fake version

For this week’s theme

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Yudi Randa says:

    kok nggak berubah jadi es cak? 😀

  2. Like the tile in the second one — so pretty! And so centered.

  3. Centre? Agak susah bacanya. Biasanya center XD

      1. Berarti kalau bahasa pemrograman pakenya yang American Style ya? Kalau yang British, kepakenya di mana aja?

      2. British biasanya dipakai di negara2 yg masuk persemakmuran dia. Australia dan Selandia Baru juga menggunakan ejaan British. Sedang Kanada connected, maksudnya antara British dan Amerika

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