(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Afloat/Mengapung – The Floating Lotuses/Teratai Mengapung

Floating lotuses are suitable for this week’s challenge.

I took the beauty when I was at my hometown, Malang. It’s already become Malang’s icon along with the Malang Kucecwara monument which has already established since 1946, bombed by Dutch during 1947 agression and then reopened in 1951. It’s Malang icon along with the crazy lion symbol, apple and education capital of East Java. I am proud to be Malangese, though I live far away now.

Long live Malang!

Long live the floating monument!
Long live the floating lotuses!


White lotus/ Teratai putih


Red lotuses/ Teratai Merah


The floating monument/ tugu terapung


I love my hometown


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Ryan says:

    Saya baru tahu kalau dipakai sbg logo Kota Malang mas.

  2. Julia says:

    Love your pictures…they are so beautiful:)

    1. Thank you Julia…:) These are my favourite pics, then

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