(White Rainy Thursday’s Photographs) : COLORFUL FARMER’S HAT / CAPING PETANI WARNA-WARNI

Happy White Thursday for all who celebrate it!
These are some beautiful farmer’s hat drawn by my students. Based on their creativities and limited time, but the results are wonderful and all like their own works!

Wait till they dried!

Enjoy it and happy holiday!


The capings


6 Comments Add yours

  1. kusnanto says:

    wow keren, jadi tambah semangat ke sawah..nih

  2. itsmearni says:

    Wah klo capingnya cakep2 gitu
    Bikin perasaan happy pas ke sawah

  3. Beby says:

    Capingnya warna-warni. Selama ini liatnya yang polos mulu 😀

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