(Thursday Reflection) : Seiris Pelangi / A Slice of Rainbow

I am not a good photographer, just follow the challenges and find out the new things surroundings. It’s fun and release me from such stressful mondial things. Two days ago when I returned home by hitchhiking my friend’s car, I suddenly saw a wonderful sight. Spontaneously I took some photos. It’s not so good, as…

One Word Photo : Matahari/Mentari/Sun/Srengenge

Dancing under the sunshine Unity in diversity Different costumes Different ways But this is what we wish Harmony in difference This is what I wish about Indonesia, my mysteriously and dangerously beautiful country. For this challenge Rentak tari di pagi nan cerah The sun shines

(Monday Reflection) : Having a big feet is not so easy

Do you have big feet? What is your size? Is that easy to find the proper shoes or slippers in the nearby shops? In the past, when you ask it here, people will look at you strangely, especially if you have uncommon size. It is about my personal experience when looking for shoes for my…

(Saturday Night Photography Reflection) : Bunga Teratai/ Lotus

I tried to take lotus photos when I was in Bogor Park (Kebun Raya Bogor) last week. I thought the lotuses were quite great to be my object with Bogor Palace as the background. That’s for this week’s experiment. Have a nice weekend! Great padma…teratai…lotus

(Saturday Reflection) : 11 Years in Blogging

11 years? What the hell is that? It’s almost already been 11 years my co-existence in virtual world! I started blogging in a local forum in 2004, and at the time, writing in a longer sentence was so hard for me. I had to think what should I say, as it’s different to speaking directly….

(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Motion/ Gerak

Motion is gerakan in Bahasa Indonesia Hentak gerak serentak/ Motion at the same time Seirama/ One rythm Bersama/ together Hampir tak bercela / Almost flawless Karena akan selalu ada perbedaan/ As there will always be differences Keragaman/ diversity Dalam satu gerak / In one motion Inilah seharusnya kehidupan/ That’s live we should be in Seperti…

Travel Theme : Centre/ Tengah

Centre is a beginning of many things Headquarters, shopping centre, convention centre and many more. For this theme, I share the centre picture when I walked in an ornamented ceramic floor in Puncak. What did I think about? Elsa! When she ran away from Arendelle and she sang ‘Let It Go’ prior she built an…

(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Early Bird/ Pagi Buta

How to translate ‘early bird‘ in Bahasa Indonesia? For my interpretation is ‘pagi buta’ when the sun starts to rise up from its sleeping bed. And this is my interpretation for this week’s challenge. New dawn New hopeEarly bird Early hope Good morning for all Location : Puncak, West Java, Indonesia 2014


Ciaruteun is one of rivers which began in Bogor (or Buitenzorg), West Java and ended in Cisadane river that flows into Java Sea through Bogor and Tangerang. This inscription is a mark of Tarumanagara kingdom’s existence in the early Middle Ages (started approximately from the 4th-7th centuries). It covered most part of West Java, Banten…

(Sunday’s Photographs) : Almost-Over Blood Moon

Yesterday was the best moment to see a rare blood moon which passed over Indonesia and its surroundings. However, it rained and cloud covered the spectacular view. I just saw the almost over blood moon as it could be seen clearly after 7 p.m, though in many parts it could be seen clearly. Allright, at…

(Weekly Photochallenge) : BLUR/ KEKABURAN

Blur can be in many ways Infocus Different angles Unexpected focus And the result can be seen Blurred But it gives dramatical effects Blur is also part of life… Along with the clear Special for this week’s challenge Blurred kid : Citeureup, Indonesia Blurred background : Semarang, 2013