(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Ephemeral – Tak Kekal

For this week’s challenge, I present another interpretation about ephemeral. Anything is not eternal. It will be changed, replaced, diminished and forgotten by the time. This coin phone boot is also part of ephemeral thing. Until 2000s, people still use coin phone booth for calling as not many people had cellulars like nowadays. Then, time goes by, and the booths are eventually abandoned because most people have cellular and smarties. People don’t have to run into the phone booth for calling. It becomes almost-extinct stuff and the booths are now rotten and forgotten.

When I was younger, there’s a popular trick for calling in phone booth but you don’t have to pay. Just with a drilled coin and thread. Drill a tiny hole in upper part of the coin and insert the thread. Then, insert the coin into the coin hole, and little bit press until you hear ‘click’ (surely you must hold the phone). When you hear that, press the number you wish and you can call as long as possible. Then, pull the coin again. That’s the 1990s hit trick and you know, so bad habit. Hehehehe..

All right, this is my version of ephemeral DSC08330

14 Comments Add yours

  1. dani says:

    Indeed everything can be included in the challenge. Your picture brings back a lot of memories Mas.

  2. Ryan says:

    Woohoo you also did that mas?

  3. gusyandi says:

    waduh bahasanya kang Bambang bikin saya pusing..hehehe. jadi pengen bisa bahasa inggris. http://wp.me/4Ciil

      1. gusyandi says:

        siap mas bambang. sukses terus buat mas bambang.

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