(Friday’s Photos from Indonesia) : Beauty on The Cart

You can still find this in various parts of Indonesia. You can buy any beauty stuffs from bobby pins, powder puffs, bandeaux, earrings, necklaces (surely all are imitations) and other accessories which are mostly from China. Even you can buy women’s bra on the cart and sold by moving vendors. Yeach, cheap way to be beautiful.

Location : Jakarta


Buy me please


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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    You can buy almost anything there right 😀 It’s like a moving house with all the things you ever need. Somehow this reminds me of the ice-cream man who peddles his ice-cream cart around the neighbourhood in Malaysia when I was a kid. Would flag down the man by shouting, “Ice cream! Ice cream!” 😀

    1. Aah, we can still find such ice cream seller everywhere. Sometimes I buy it. The funniest one is bra cart…I forgot to take the picture. It looked like Victoria’s Secret on cart. Hahahaha..

      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        I hope you see the bra cart again and take a photo. I want to see it too 😀 I am sure it must be popular with the locals… 😀

  2. AyuZagoto says:

    hahahha… that reminds me when i was there in Indonesia 😀

  3. gusyandi says:

    sayangnya gwe gak ngerti bahasanya hehehehe.

      1. gusyandi says:

        siap kami belajar tapi belum bisa2 juga..heheehe

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