(Tuesday Photo Reflections) : Rose and Jasmine/ Mawar dan Melati

In my language,
Rose is called Mawar
Jasmine is called Melati

Melati has already been part of Indonesia’s national flower and I love jasmine though I won’t eat it. I still remembered when my late great-grandmother used to spread a bunch of jasmine on her bed. She plucked them from our garden where she planted so many jasmine trees. She let the jasmines until dried and replaced it with other ones. Even a late famous Indonesian actress occasionally ate the jasmines, I didn’t know what for. I ever tried it and you see? It’s so bitter, but fragrant at the same time. Mystical nuance and relaxing at the same time.

Much alike rose too…you can give rose depends on the situation and colour. Red for love and passion, white for purity, and yellow for friendship or familiar.

I took these photos in front of my home. Jasmine and rose grow together, but I pictured them seperately. Red and white can be combined, but can also be separated. Combine it? Pinky! Hehehehe..

DSC08351 DSC08350

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