(Sunday’s Photo) : Carbo on The Cart

Carbohydrate sources can be found anywhere, according to the culture and customs. There are various kinds of carbohydrate sources among Indonesians which have ressemblances to other countries and in some case, Japanese. Rice, cassava, yam, taro, corn, sago (especially in Eastern Indonesians) and much more. In many urbans, we can still find carbo on the cart (that’s my own term), you can find and buy steamed peanuts, yams, cassavas, corns, taros, bananas and traditional Indonesian cakes like ketimus (lemet), nagasari, lemper and much more only in one cart.

In Jakarta, it can only be found in particular sub-urbans, along with veggie carters who’s still common sights. If you wanna buy it, just wait from your neighbourhood and they will come at particular time.

Location : Jakarta, Last Week

Good Morning and Have a Nice Sunday!


Grab ’em all


Can you grab these all?

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      1. gusyandi says:

        enak kayanya boss..

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