(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Fresh Cucumber Tree/ Belimbing Sayur Segar

Hi there! After for a while, finally I return to Weekly Photo Challenge and I won’t ever miss it then! Hehehehe.

Today’s theme is about fresh. Well, For the theme, I took the freshest photos. Why? I took the pics just now while walking around in the morning and it’s still wet after raining hard all night long. I am interested in taking cucumber tree or Belimbing Sayur in someone’s house. It also includes raindrop which make me think it fresh…so fresh like after bathing.

In various languages Averrhoa Bilimbi are called as following
Belimbing Sayur (Standard Indonesian and Betawian Malay)
Limeng Ungket (Acehnese)
Asom, balimbing, balimbingan (Bataknese)
Balimbieng (Minangkabau)
Belimbing Asam (Malay)
Calincing, balingbing (Sundanese)
Blimbing wuluh (Javanese)Bhalimbhing bulu (Madurese)
Blingbing Buloh (Balinese)
Selemeng (Gayo)
Malimbi (Nias)
Limbi (Bima)
Balimbeng (Flores)
Libi (Sawunese)
Belerang (Sangir)
Belimbing Tunjuk (Banjarese)
Bainang (Makassarese)
Caleneng (Soppeng Bugisnese)

It’s made into several dishes for giving sour effect and can be used as toothache remedial herbs and surely for our dishes. I love sour soup with belimbing sayur. Even, it can be made into preservatives as well.

Special for this challenge.


Fresh cucumber tree / belimbing wuluh



16 Comments Add yours

  1. I like cucumber … enak di-krokoti, po maneh di jus 🙂

    1. Tapi iki boso linggise blimbing wuluh lho.

      1. iyo ngerti, maksudku blimbing wuluh dipangan nggo rujakan, di jus buat kesehatan.

      2. lahh.. jenenge ae nggo tujuan kesehatan, sam 🙂

  2. rike jokanan says:

    fotone apik, sing bikin extraordinary kuwi terjemahane ndhik bahasa kita sih sugih iku…. top!

    1. Iku mau isuk lho njeprete pas mlaku2 hehehe..

  3. rike jokanan says:

    rek, tiap Jumat kedua ndhik TIM onok Kenduri Cinta, kadang Cak Nun (Emha Ainun Nadjib) kadang onok. uapik. mrono-o…. sambil moto2….

      1. rike jokanan says:

        Jam 8 bengi sampek jam 3 isuk. Setu kerja tag?

  4. Mabel Kwong says:

    Lovely photos, Nono. Those cucumbers look thick and fat. I’ve never seen them growing on trees before. Thought they grew in the ground and soil 🙂

    1. Yes, but try it…very sour hahahaha..

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