(Saturday Night’s Photo) : Little Gas Station

This is my first Saturday night’s photo. I took this this afternoon on the way visiting my aunt. Incidentally I found this ‘gas station’ in a housing area in Tangerang, Banten. It mimicked ‘Pertamina’ (Government owned petroleum company)’s gas station, and the name became ‘Pertamini’. Creative and funny for me. Location : Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

(Saturday Night Reflection) : Gemstone Fever Phenomenon!

Gemstone fever! It’s the hottest and most recent trend happening among Indonesians. Gemstones are everywhere! They’re already sold even in pedestrian and one another is very close (maybe around 100-200 metres you can find gemstone sellers). Gemstones are part of human’s jewel and usually large one like agate (batu akik) is identical to men and…