Nowadays, culinary world is getting more and more creative. Innovations have already done to attract everyone. From vacuum packed rendang (West Sumatran spicy meat dish), jumbo sausage, super hot and spicy cassava crackers, curled crackers and many more.

One of the innovative dish I never know is black hamburger. I found it when I was walking along Sudirman road during Jakarta Car Free Day. I encountered a small food stall called “Black Bun” and it reminded me with Japanese black burger which had already reported on TV. It looked like identical. At first, I just ignored it as I wanna look around Hotel Indonesia roundabouts and tried many typical foods available. Afterwards, I returned to the Sudirman road and tried the black burger. I asked the seller (two girls and a young man) as following :

Me   : “How long have you been selling this stuff?”
Seller : “We still sell it just now, for this week.”
Me   : ” Do you sell in one place?
Seller : “Not yet Sir, we hope one day.”
Me  : ” How did you make the bun into black?”
Seller : “We mixed the dough with bamboo charcoal.”
Me : “Is it okay for having it? As I ever heard in Japan, they used squid’s ink for blacken the bun.”
Seller : “We don’t know Sir, I am afraid the bun will be little bit fishy.”

Okay then, I bought one with around IDR 25,000 (count by yourself U$ 1 = IDR 13,000 now). I tried and yeach, the taste was quite good. But the bun was bland for me, but the filling was delicious. This was just I could say about the black bun. Here is the photo I had taken this morning….as a souvenir of Jakarta Car Free Day.

Creativity is a must today.

DSC08322Black burger

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10 responses to “(Sunday Reflection) : BLACK HAMBURGER/ HAMBURGER HITAM

  1. Is it really ok mas to eat carcoal?

  2. Woww.. i’ve never heard ‘n seen this🙂

  3. Very good photo. Looks sooo yummy and cheap too…after conversion 😁

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