Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Catching People Unaware/ Tidak Sadar Difoto

“Tidak sadar difoto”

This is my free translation for this week’s challenge from Cee. I haven’t been following your challenge for a while. Sorry for being late, then. Hehehehe..Catching unaware people is sometimes fun, as this is the genuine of the people. I love it so much and take many candid photos. I am not photographer, just a camera owner who loves taking pic surroundings. Here is for Cee, and enjoy it!


Tour guide in Cirebon Kasunanan palace, West Java, Indonesia

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  1. GloryGrant says:

    Pak, catching people unaware sama candid sama nggak?

  2. Your article was very useful

  3. dani says:

    I have lots of this kind of pictures. I think it is more fun catching people unaware in pictures.

  4. Ryan says:

    Ah Candid! Love candid. Hahaha

  5. nengwie says:

    Tapi harus hati-hati juga ya…kadang orang tidak suka fotonya ada di media luas… bisa-bisa dituntut kalau di sini mah.. 😦

    1. Orang sini malu2 kucing. Yg penting kan bkn aktivitas aneh2 yg dicandid

      1. nengwie says:

        Iya betul, tp saya suka takut gitu kalau mau motret Candid disini

      2. nengwie says:

        Hehe lagi pula ngga tiap hari saya keluar rumah 🙂

      3. Betul, malah entar minggu ini mau ke Car Free Day bunderan HI lagi neh.

      4. nengwie says:

        Waaah asyiik…ditunggu deh foto-fotonya…

      5. Insyaallah, sekalian nih mau ke pertemuan Esperantis Jabodetabek. Jadi seharian penuh di Jakarta.

  6. Cee Neuner says:

    Wonderful photos for this week’s theme. Thanks ever so much for participating.

    1. You’re welcome Cee..I like every challenges you issue weekly hehehe.

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