A Word A Week Photo Challenge : Intricate / Rumit



DSC00767Intricate, according to Mr. Dictionary means : very complicated, tangled, complex, detailed etc.

For this week’s challenge, I’d share two two years old photos I took in Semarang China Town. I was so lucky to see directly paper house burning or called Co Kong Tik ( I don’t know its Mandarin equivalent). After 100 days someone’s pass away, his or her family -if they have met deal- will prepare a paper house for the deceased. The paper house must be great, comfortable and suitable for them in the ever after. The deceased family will request to a paper house specialist to build the house for their dead family members. It depends on their financial abilities to afford a lavish paper house which can cost million rupiahs. As far as I know, the cheapest is around IDR 1 million and the most expensive can be more than thousand millions. The house should be lavish, detailed and complete with rooms, cars, mini furnitures as well as servants, though all are made of papers.

The papers are also imported from China. If there’s a tore in the house, the family can complain and ask the maker to repair. I forget how long the paper house must be finished, but when I came to the temple. All the deceased belongings are also included in the house in order to be burn, along with ‘the heaven money’ and praying.

It is believed that the deceased will live happily ever after in the heaven and live in prosperity after all. This tradition has already decreased in intensity, as it depends on family’s financial and I think many of them do not observe it anymore. Only some still do that.

Location : Sebandaran Temple, Semarang Chinatown, Indonesia

4 Comments Add yours

  1. dani says:

    I can imagine how difficult to make even the most simple one..

  2. Ryan says:

    Paper house for the dead. Customize as ordered. I’ve seen it at one of Klenteng in Jakarta. Very much detailed up to design inside

    1. Yupe..I have already seen it twice. The second was the largest.

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