Weekly Photo Challenge : Reward / Penghargaan

Reward can be anything
Anything you get
From what you did before
It can be good
It can be bad
It can also be grey-area
Even you get a small sweet from your friend
It’s also a reward from what you did to him or her
But the most precious reward is..
You are still alive and do many things
Either for yourself or others

Love yourself, and you’ll get the rewards….right now or later
Help others, you’ll get the rewards…from God


Small reward but meaningful…



12 Comments Add yours

  1. itsmearni says:

    Itu isinya apa mas?

    1. Permen jelly, rasanya gak begitu manis.

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    As the other commenter said, what’s in that?

    1. Jelly candy…but not too sweet. Chewy and gummy.

  3. Telaten banget ngebungkusnya ya .. namanya juga reward πŸ™‚

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