A Photo a Week Challenge : Saturation / Saturasi/Kadar Jenuh

The exact translation for saturation in my language is little bit ambiguous. Saturation is translated into ‘kejenuhan’ and the meaning can be ‘boredom’ as well. When I saw this challenge, I tried to modify my photos when I visited my hometown last December. It located in Malang round square (Alun-Alun Bunder), near city hall and it’s the oldest part of Malang.

Here are some saturated photos I have already done, and I hope you’ll like it then.

Salam manis dari kota Malang
Saluton de Malango urbo
Amities de la ville de Malang
Beijos da vila de Malang


Original photo



DSC081073Saturated photos

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  1. Languages are so fascinating. I think my favorite is the one right after the original. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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