Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : Wood/Kayu

Dear Cee,

Why do you always give me such adventurous challenges? I have been getting confused about which photo I should share in your challenge..hahahaha. But then, it’s a good chance for me for sharing and getting more friends if so. I don’t have much time to blogwalking, therefore, I must use all the opportunities.

Well, this is wood then? but I didn’t take it from the close one. Just for fun and this is joyous for sharing then🙂

Wood….for you


Pond between woods


Floating wood

DSC04939Who’s there?

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8 responses to “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : Wood/Kayu

  1. Brilliant shots for the challenge. BW looks very well with these shots, lots of shadows, well done. Kayu. I love that word. Means wood, and of course, something else… hehe😀

  2. These are totally awesome photos. I can’t chose a favorite. 🙂 Thanks for contributing.

  3. Bro, aku kok rung mudheng to carane melu challenge ki piye…..

  4. These are lovely photos, but I like the first one best. There is a playful sense of mystery about it – as if some wood spirit might appear on the scene🙂

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