Weekly Photo Challenge : Deep in Peek/ Mengintip Lebih Dalam

This photo was actually taken almost two years ago, when I and my friend was en tour to Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java for the third vacation. We stopped near a watch tower Sitieng, and we took a rest in a bamboo woven foodstall while waiting for sunset. I saw from the small window a…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Express Yourself- Ungkapkan Dirimu

Express yourself for me means show little about myself. I found one photo I took during my office’s gathering in Puncak, West Java. Usfie, not selfie as I took photo with my friends and yeach…free expression, while myself? I had to hold up the camera as I couldn’t stand up too longer…tiring! Hahahaha.. Anyway…whose fingers…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Serenity/ Kedamaian

Happy Saturday all! These are my interpretation about serenity.. Keep your serene.. Keep the peace… Whatever the angle.. Stay serene Stay peace Stay love For this challenge Serene in the nature Serene in the old temple Serene, Salaam Serene, divine

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : Wood/Kayu

Dear Cee, Why do you always give me such adventurous challenges? I have been getting confused about which photo I should share in your challenge..hahahaha. But then, it’s a good chance for me for sharing and getting more friends if so. I don’t have much time to blogwalking, therefore, I must use all the opportunities….

A Journey to Home : Hello, Semarang – Part 1

After spending 6 hours in Cirebon, I finally took a bus from Harjamukti terminal at 5.00 p.m. Actually I had got plan to stop in Tega (72 km east of Cirebon) for trying its endemic culinary, Sate blengong (duck satay). But at last, I cancelled it due to my spare time and I had to…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Shadowed/Berbayang

Shadow is part of us Shadow follows everywhere Light exposure is the cause Even shadow becomes additional point of photography I took some photos from my collection which relate to this week challenge. I hope you like it. After Juma praying, Malang, 2013 Incidental moment, photographers were photographed, 2012, Semarang Daddy’s shadowy moment, Jakarta Old…

A Photo a Week Challenge : Humour/ Humor

Humour can relax everything Humour can reveal your real crazinessHumour can conceal your sadness Humour can be done everytime Humour can tickle your funny side Well, this is one of my humorous presentation…at least for me. Hehehehehe Here’s mine Nancy. For your challenge! One…two….three!

(A Return Home Journey) : Hello, Cirebon!

Prologue : From this post till the upcoming several posts, I’d like to tell you about my journey during my school holiday. It’s started from 20 December 2014 to 4 January 2015 and for the holiday, I didn’t want to meet any friends, gathering and so on. My sole goal is to spend my holiday…

(Monday Reflection) : (A) Cup(s) of Tea – (Se)cangkir Teh

This monday’s reflection is just a short poem. I have already prepared some articles, but I’ll post it one by one. Here’s the reflection: A cup of tea Relaxing Refreshing Quenching Rehearsing Enhancing Not enough? Just have cups of tea It will relax you But watch out Your tummy Will rebel you 060115