(Monday’s Reflection) : Happy Mother’s Day, Indonesia


Every parts of world has its own way and date to celebrate mother’s day. Mother’s day is a special day when we honour our mother as well as maternal bond, motherhood and influence of mothers in society. Mother is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week worker in our lives. From giving birth, taking care children, managing household’s finance, managing home’s cleanliness, preparing our foods till the end of day. She also always prays for her family and we must give respect more to mother. Even The Prophet Muhammad mentioned when one of his sahabat asked who should be given respect, “Your mother, your mother, your mother, then your father.” Mother is respected three times than father, and mother is the world’s pillar which make the world stronger. The basic education for children before attending school is from mother at home. This is why mother must be given honour than father.

Mother’s day in Indonesia is celebrated TODAY! 22 December and different from the rest world. Why does it differ? Indonesia mother’s day is derived from Indonesian Women Congress 1 held in Yogyakarta from 22-25 December 1928 and attended by women fighters from 12 cities in Java and Sumatera. It concerned on women’s roles on independence, Indonesian women unity, early age marriages, family cares and many more. But no gender equality as we always discuss like today. The age is different, but the essence is same. It was also inspired by women fighters who struggled and fight to get rid colonists at the time. But the real declaration of Mother’s day was ten years later during The Third Indonesian Women Congress and re-declared in president decree no. 316 / 1959 by Soekarno.

Mother’s day is not public holiday here, but in schools, students made greeting cards to their mothers and it’s given on the day. There are many expressions to thankful mothers. Maybe from cleaning up house for one day, buy something for mother, treat her or many more. But what I learn here is mother can love us 10 times, but we cannot do the same thing. Mother’s love is as long as a long road, while us is just as long as a stick. We cannot do anything but respect, love and ……(fill by yourself). Because mother is the most special one in our heart, even when she’s been in the heaven.


Unfortunately, there’s no father’s day in Indonesia…poor daddy.


Happy Mother’s day for all Indonesian mothers, May Allah bless you all.

Malang, 22 December 2014

6 a.m

Bambang Priantono


Pic courtesy : google.co.id

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  1. dani says:

    Happy mothers day to all mothers in Indonesia. If im not mistaken there is fathers day Mas. Many bloggers post about it one (or two) month (s) back.

    1. Yes, but not officially recognized as Mother’s day here, meh.

      1. dani says:

        Give it more time so that more recognized. 🙂

      2. Then it should be aunty’s day, uncle’s day etc etc.

      3. dani says:

        Gak paham mas

      4. Besok2 pada minta Hari Om, Hari Tante, Hari Sepupu….pret

      5. Ryan says:

        Yep. In Indonesian, no Father’s Day.

  2. ihsantand says:

    Happy mother’s day to Indonesia 🙂

    My blog http://ihsantanjung.wordpress.com

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