(Monday’s Reflection) : Festo de Zamenhofan Tagon : A Small Celebration

urlToday is Zamenhof’s birthday, and it’s celebrated by all worldwide Esperantists by many ways. Ludwig Zamenhoff is creator of Esperanto which derived from his own pseudonym, Dr. Esperanto. He was born in Bialystok, Poland from a Jewish family and he’s surrounded by various languages such as Russian, German, Polish and Yiddish. He saw many conflicts arouse from such linguistic diversity as one would be superior on the others and he was sorrowful to the situation. It inspired him to create a new language which is widely acceptable, practical, understandable and easier to be learnt than others. He aimed to ease anybody from various linguistic and cultural background. In 1887, Esperanto appeared and it’s 127 years since then.

I am newbie in the Indonesia Esperanto Club and joined last month. The meet up is held at Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta. As I live in Tangerang, I have to take train for an hour and walk from Sudirman station to the place for around 20 minutes. I don’t really care about how many persons will come. What I want is study and make friends.

Yesterday, for celebrating festo de zamenhoffan tagon, we meet again at Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta. Led by Ms. Ilia, we met at 1.30 pm. The typical greetings like “Saluton!” is heard when we meet. There were only five persons came to the meetng but it’s okay as the group is very flexible, you can come and go. Natural selection happens, only the real person whose willing is greater can survive. Friendly and humorous nuance was the spirit of festo de zamenhoffan tagon. Mi parolas Esperanton io mete kaj mi lernos gxin alia lingvojn. Ms. Ilia read about Ludwig Zamenhoff’s live and explained how he could create the language until its recent form. We listened it carefully and frequently asked about it.


The next, we sang the Esperanto hymn which actually Zamenhof’s poem as the following :

En la mondon venis nova sento
Tra la mondo iras forta voko
Per flugiloj de facila vento
Nun de loko flugu gxi al loko

Ne al glavo sangon soifanta
Gxi la human tiras familion
Al la mond’ eterne militanta
Gxi promesas sanktan harmonion…..

The continuation will be typed later, as I wanna continue my story. After singing, we started to study Esperanto from body parts. But we emphasized on face, from hair (haroj), forehead (punto), ears (oreloj), mouth (busxo) until moustache (lipharoj). We learnt using our own ways. I memorized it by singing and hand movements like elementary school students. Laughter heard loudly among the learning session, as Ms. Ilia mentioned on her virtual invitation ‘come with smile and happiness’.  But the most important and made me nervous was when Ms. Ilia and Eko asked in Esperanto, honestly my response was not as good as I write and speak. Sometimes I had to think over the meaning and, alhamdulillah they helped me a lot such as this question :

Ms. Ilia : Kun kio vi audias?
Me        : Hmmm…mmmm…orgullo. As I just remember Spanish at the moment.
Ms. Ilia : Ne, orgulo…please complete sentence.
Me        : Mi…audias….kun orgulo…n
Ms. Ilia : Orgulojn
Me        : Mi audias kun orgulojn
Ms. Ilia : Bone!

Each persons asked the same thing, but different parts. I’d made three of five questions and others did like me too. It’s fun as we’re in small group and we studied with warmth situation, though sometimes I mixed it with French or Spanish. I have to make a new space in my brain for Esperanto, then. Joking, and asking ridiculous things were also part of the warm meeting up. This is different when I learn it alone.


At last, Ms. Ilia showed us cards which contained of letters and we’re told to create as many as possible Esperanto words we can do. The game was just like this. We’re given five cards and if there’s no suitable ones, we could only take the scrambled ones and may not return it. I didn’t know how many letters I got, but all were consonants. It was fun but frustrating in some parts. Misled letters, missed one letter and wrong direction were us. We’re still learning and that’s why I love it.

Before, there’s another game by showing a card and asked as follows:
Faru vorton per cxi tiu litero……?
We have to make a word from the card our encounter showed.

Finally, as time went by, at 3.30 p.m we had to return home. I asked Ms. Ilia to bring a new book for next year as I’d like to buy it. We took the photos first along Esperanto flag and promised to see again next year.

DSC07945                                                                            With Ms. Ilia and other friends

Dankon per Fraulino Ilia kaj miaj alia geamikoj de Gxakarto Esperanto Klubo per viaj helpojn.

Felicxan nov’jaron kaj gxis la venont’jaron kun pli geamikoj!

Felicxan zamenhofan tago!


Tangerang, 15 December 2014

Bambang Priantono

Zamenhof’s photo is courtesy of this link


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