(Monday Reflection) : Mi lernas Lingvon Esperanton

DSC07751Yesterday, I learned a lot of things. After having fun with my all colleagues (more than 400 persons) in annual gathering for one night and two days in Puncak, West Java, I decided to learn a new thing in my life…not too far of learning language. When I am learning it, nothing can stop me and for the new language, I learned Esperanto.

In Indonesia, there are still few people who learn it and maybe only tiny community who speak it regularly among the same group. I knew the community from Facebook and as I’m curious one, I decided to join the meeting up which was held yesterday. The meeting was held at Semanggi Plaza, Jakarta, near Atmajaya University at 1.30 pm. I came there at 10 a.m and still had much time to do some window shopping and because of Car free day, there’s no bus from Sudirman station and I had to walk for around 3 km. Sudirman avenue is full of skyscraper buildings and MRT project is still in ongoing process.

I met several new friends, from various backgrounds and also Ms. Ilia who was the coordinator of Indonesian Esperantists. She’s very friendly and welcomed me as an old pal because we have interacted each other through Facebook before. I had been waiting for the moment. Though I ever heard the Esperanto from various sources, I had no chance to learn it directly and as Ms. Ilia mentioned, Esperanto is very easy and universally constructed to strengthen and tighten people from various nations and cultures into one common communication tool, though it doesn’t diminish the original mother tongues.

Because I was still debutant, I started from the very basic Esperanto (Baza), while some others on the intermediate (Meza). Surprisingly, I could recognize many words as I also learned some Romance, Germanic and Slavic languages before, but in the most frequent, it has got more Romance features. What a clever Ludwig Zamenhoff who created and constructed this language! I was also given Esperanto lesson copies and she brought many books and Esperanto publications. It was so interesting as its simple grammar and in one hour we could write several sentences in Esperanto. The lesson was held in a food court and divided into two levels, baza and meza. Ms. Ilia also explained all about Esperanto and its movement hearty, and she answered every questions clearly. I could see that She’s very commit to spread Esperanto knowledge to Indonesians and she has attended several Esperanto international congresses in various countries. Esperanto is for humanity, peace and as a cultural bridge among different ones. Nothing else, and it is the most successful constructed language too.

DSC07747After writing some sentences, we reviewed and corrected each other. It’s much easier than when we learn other languages. Once more, as Ms. Ilia mentioned, Esperanto doesn’t replace other languages. It is made of minimizing communication gaps especially among nations who do not use English as their international medium. One of new friends said, when she’s speaking Esperanto to Russian and she forgot the meaning in Esperanto, the Russian insisted for not speaking English and it’s hard to find more Indonesians who have similar interests. Indonesian Esperantists are still tiny community, and I still the new learner so it takes time to make me into part of global Esperantists. These are the third languages I am learning right now besides Mandarin and Cantonese.
The last thing I asked Ms. Ilia was the philosophy of Esperanto flag. She answered, “Star represents five continent, white is purity and green is peace.”

Let me try some Esperanto here
Mi estas Bambang/Nono. Mi vi estas el Malang kaj estas unu intruisto en unu lernejo en Tangerang. Mi povas kualker lingvon kaj dialekton.
Dankon pro la kurso, mi amis ĝin. Mi lernos ĝin.



Bambang Priantono


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  1. dani says:

    Just knew about it here.

  2. I heard about this years ago!! Good for you!!

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