(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Minimalist/ Minimalis

Simple, but meaningful behind its simplicity.
For this simplicity but bright, let me share these two things for you all.

1. The fire on the candle/ Api diatas lilin. Contrast to the red blue, I emphasized on the fire.

2. Lift up! lift up! Among ants which tried to lift and bring the cake crumbs home.

These are simplicity or minimalist for me. Enjoy it!




The fire


Let’s lift up!


Bambang Priantono

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18 responses to “(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Minimalist/ Minimalis

  1. I love both photos. Fits the challeneg very well. The red colour api looks very warm, stunning. Very funny description of the ants there, lift up! Haha, I hope they were not stealing your food😀 Good teamwork.

  2. Lovely the first and very funny the second photo… but what a long legged ants they are!

  3. Look at the team effort of the ants. Great capture!

  4. Foto semutnya epic. Suka dua-duanya Mas.

  5. Ping-balik: Photo Challenge: Little Bear Fire | tnkerr-Writing Prompts and Practice

  6. two marvelously minimal photos!!

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