A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Fly / Terbang

After window shopping at the first IKEA in Indonesia, (IKEA has just opened its Indonesian branch in Alam Sutra, Southern Tangerang) I walked to return home and when I saw many kites flying, I remembered on this challenge. My camera couldn’t zoom till the maximum so I took as far as I could. Flying kites in the sunset. I love it so much..

For this challenge

DSC07506 DSC07504 DSC07503 DSC07496 DSC07508Location : Alam Sutera, South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

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16 responses to “A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Fly / Terbang

  1. Wah. Seru layangannyaa.. Br liat yg spt ini…
    Btw, ikea-nya asik gak? Hehe..

  2. Waaah, bagus itu layang-layangnya Mas..

  3. I love the way the kites stretch and stretch, far into the sky.

  4. Kites, very nice. Great shots, you used the camera well🙂 Shopping at IKEA!😀

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