(Sunday’s Reflection) : Among The Books – A Poetry


This the place I want to stay forever
Be drowned among millions of knowledges
They are my real and truly friends
Open the millions gates to the truth
From the bitterness to the sweetness of live
Love, hatred, affection, surprise, anger and more
From the past to the present
I love to be au millieu of them
In a quiet place, only silence
Just read, read and then…inspired
This is the place I want to live
It is the sea of knowledge for me
Though many love the digitalized one


Tangerang, 12 October 2014


4 Comments Add yours

  1. danirachmat says:

    membangkitkan hasrat pengen baca buku..

  2. rike jokanan says:

    Turulah di perpus….

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