Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurant for Thousand Years


Unleakable for the time
Unbelievable in existance
Thousand years still here
Though they were buried for a while
They have been uncovered
Restored all its components
For telling stories
About sweetness and bitterness of life
For us
From our ancestors

I love visiting old sites during my live. When I was still in Semarang, Central Java, I spent my free time to travel various old temples
in and around Central Java. For this challenge, I’d like to present some parts of my visitations. The first photos were taken in Dieng Plateau
Where you can see various temples, but I only emphasized on one temple which has been standing apart from others for more than 12 centuries.
It is also the only Indonesian ancient temple whose structure much alike Southern Indian temple structure. I don’t know why it is called Bima
It was approximately built between the 7-9th centuries during Sanjaya dynasty and I am still excited to its composition up to now.


Bima Temple

The second is Plaosan temples complex. It is located 2 km from  Prambanan complex and part of Klaten regency, Central Java. The complex is divided into
two :Plaosan Lor (Northern Plaosan) and Plaosan Kidul (Southern Plaosan). Those Buddhist structures were built during Old Hindu Mataram reign and still
well reserved though less than Prambanan complex.

But whatever, ancient sites are our past. We shouldn’t have forgotten it as it can tell you stories about governance, social life, religions
to-even- sexual atmospheres which is considered taboo.

Our values and ancestors maybe different in one side, but same in another side.

Special for this challenge


Plaosan Temple

Tangerang, 20 September 2014

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurant for Thousand Years

  1. aan

    so, where do you live now?😀

  2. Ping-balik: Papa | tnkerr-Writing Prompts and Practice

  3. Pardi

    Pak nono did you ever heard about candi sukuh ?

  4. With the blue sky, reeeeek…. Some temples are worth analyzing, full with clues & important information because candi actually “sandi” meaning signs.

  5. Ben

    That Plaosan temple certainly is ornate. Is it actually as big as the pictures make it look?

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