(Monday Photos) : Does Spongebob Move to Jakarta?

O Dear Spongebob
What are doing in Jakarta?
Why do you move your pineapple house here?
Are you getting bored with your aquatic life?
I hope you will be settled living in the crowded Jakarta
Be careful with the polluted conditions
You must have more mask to protect yours
Just take the water from your Bikini Bottom

Be nice, because you live near President’s palace
Be nice, as you live near political center

Anyway, where’s Squidward? Where’s Patrick? Where’s Mr.Crab?
How about Garry The Snail? and Mrs. Puff?

Ahh…How’s Sandy Cheeks?

*Just kidding*

Location : National Monument, Jakarta
Date      : 7 September 2014

DSC07278 DSC07279 DSC07280

Spongebob? Where are you?


Tangerang, 8 September 2014


4 Comments Add yours

  1. danirachmat says:

    ahahahaha. kirain apaan mas.

  2. chandra says:

    hahahaha nice posting 🙂 kepikiran sponge bob gitu, btw salam kenal dari bandung mas

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