Weekly Photo Challenge : Petualangan/ Adventure/ L’Aventure/ Avventura/ Uma Aventura


Everybody has got their own adventures…everyday is adventure..either good or bad.
I intentionally combined these photos into one frame as it was taken at the same time while I was with my good friend at Dieng Plateau. There are so many photos about Dieng Plateau here till I forget which part I’d already posted here. Heheheh..

DSC02479 DSC02480

I am into these photos as I took it via candid…he didn’t know initially but when I showed it, he was impressed. Sorry buddy..LOL.

Well, this is another view of Telaga Warna, Dieng Plateau, Central Java….though it’s been more than one year. It is also intended for celebrating my birthday today…..yeah….2 years more I’m about to get my second puberty. Hahahahaha…kidding.

Special for this challenge!

Bon voyage/Goede reis/Buon viaggio/Boa viagem

Salam manis


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  1. rikejokanan says:

    halooooo…. long time no see after MP was dying.

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