Cee’s Black & White Challenge : Seating – Old Chair and Old Window (Kursi Tua dan Jendela Tua)


The old chair : “What can you see there, O Old Window?”
The old window : “I have been here for centuries and I can see as far as the sea goes by”
The old chair : “Aren’t you afraid of your vulnareble nature now, O dear Old Window?”
The old window : “No, I am not. Through me, people can see everything they wish…seeing history through my eyes and enjoy the breeze within the heat through my breath.” The old chair : ” Yes, I can see the sea from you, if only I was placed in another room, maybe my life will be numb and miserable.”
The old window : “We’re getting older together, let’s enjoy our life here…feeling the breeze, the windy air and heat. As far as you’re here..I won’t be alone anymore, o dear old chair.”

Location : Musium Bahari/Maritime Museum, Jakarta
It’s too dark, but I believe it reflect contrast between light and dark, between the chair and the window.

Yes Cee, that story is for you and the challenge.


Tangerang, 4 September 2014



6 Comments Add yours

  1. tinsyam says:

    ada kursi tua ada jendela tua, ga ada orangtua disitu? yang duduk memandang keluar jendela gitu..

    1. Emang pas gak ada org mbak. Namanya jg insidental.

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Your photo is very dramatic…I like it. Thanks for playing.

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